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It’s not just about money!

Number of tokens circulation

300,000,000 IBBF

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What is IBBF ?

IBBF (I Blockchain Bank Fund) project enables common users to benefit from the digital cryptocurrency. IBBF uses the funds collected in the operation of supercomputing machines which are distributed in the cooperative data centers worldwide. In the official website of IBBF, the Fund will display the computing amount of global devices, the output quantity of ETH and the ETH value available for each IBBF coin held.

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IBBF is the blood to power the operation of decentralized IBBF ecological system. IBBF is a kind of contractual token used in the scenarios such as purchase of computing power, AI contract, game payment and settlement and so on. In the future, we will encourage all industry-chain entities to develop subchains based on IBBF. By then, IBBF will become the fundamental chain. IBBF will be consumed in the process of data exchange and smart contract performance between subchains and in the process of the asset, information and data exchange between links.
Therefore, IBBF will become a smart contractual permit in the ecological system of the Bank Fund. A total of one billion IBBF tokens will be issued, and will be created by IBBF public blockchain once for all. The total issue volume has been capped, and shall not be changed and increased. IBBF tokens are distributed to different holders according to specific rules and proportion. A certain proportion of digital chips will be sold to raise fund among suitable groups in proper manner to buy computing power, construct the bottom blockchain, research and develop product module, lay out the application ecology, operate and maintain the public blockchain and so on.

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It’s not just about money!

    • track real-time data, see measurable benefits
    • join community of other smart and green technology users
    • create cooperations and different business models with others
    • find your best value for money on opened market
    • buy or even sell your energy freely

IBBF token

IBBF will be the fuel for IBBF platform, used by members worldwide. It is an application-specific token, built on top of the existing Ethereum blockchain, that allows us to give the value of the cooperative network back to the community.